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AMO Typhoon NXT Lens PC (Silver)

by AMO Sunglasses
SKU : NXT PC Silver

AMO’s NXT® Photochromic Silver Lens is an upgrade option and can be purchased separately for Typhoon Cirrus, Nimbus and Gale sports sunglasses.

It is an outstanding high-quality lens with exceptionally high optical clarity for medium to very high light levels. Photochromic lenses react to sunlight, increasing the tint level during bright light and decreasing the tint level during low light.

Read more about its benefits and characteristics below to help you decide if this lens is the right choice for you.

Please note: In certain instances, please allow at least five business days for dispatch due to this product being fully customisable.

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This lens is made from Trivex® by NXT®, engineered by AMO to produce an optic with no haze and no distortion, even towards the outer edges. Its optical clarity measures 28 on the NBS pattern definition test and has an Abbe clarity value between 42 and 45 — a value equivalent to the naked human eye.

Reacting to sunlight, the photochromic lens will achieve 90% of its reaction to a change in light level within just one minute, and continue to darken or lighten over a further 15 minutes. This makes AMO’s NXT® Photochromic Lens one of the fastest reacting lenses available and the perfect multi-purpose lens for varying weather conditions.

AMO lenses are virtually bullet proof. Specifically, this lens will stop a 0.6cm steel ball bearing travelling at 45m per second — great impact protection for multisport athletes — stones flicked up from the road and low hanging branches won’t get past this lens.

A hydrophobic coating repels moisture, sweat, water and mud. At full speed, headlong into rain with the person in front flicking mud up in your face, you’ll still see the track ahead in perfect clarity.

The lens shape is large and wraps around the sides. Matched with the Typhoon series frames, the NXT® PC Silver Lens offers outstanding vision and eye protection for ultra runners, triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists and mountain bikers.


  • Material: Trivex NXT — a material developed by the US military that offers improved optical clarity over polycarbonate
  • Standard: Exceeds International Standards (ASIZ80.3.2008/EN ISO12312:213/AS/NZS 1067:2003)
  • UVA/UVB protection: 100% up to 400nm
  • Clarity: Class 1 optical clarity/resolving power greater > 28 on NBS index/Abbe value > 45 — exceptionally high optical clarity with no distortion
  • Thickness: 1.8mm — ultra strong and very high impact resistance
  • Colour/tint: Pink-smoke/category 1-2 for low to medium light levels
  • Coatings: Hydrophobic to repel moisture, water, sweat and mud; and an anti-scratch lens coating to make the surface nearly as hard as glass
  • Photochromic lens option: Darkens or lightens in response to sunlight levels — AMO’s photochromic lenses will darken significantly in one minute.
  • Compatibility: Typhoon series Cirrus, Nimbus and Gale sunglasses

                  For more information about the various lens coatings, including hydrophobic, anti-fog, revo, and anti-scratch, see our AMO Sunglasses FAQ section here.

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