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Who is Poli?

Brand leader in the manufacture of customised clothing for sports clubs, POLI was founded in Marseille, France, in 1979. Historically working with top athletes to develop innovative products in the field of clothing for cycling, Poli now draws on decades of experience and uses cutting edge technology to meet the requirements of the most demanding athletes in a range of sports including, triathlon, athletics, trail running, inline skating, rowing and of course cycling.

There are very few companies that can claim as much experience in this field and so we are proud to share this experience with you. 

Visit the new Poli team wear website here (you will be directed to You will be able to view all Poli products that are customisable for your club or team.

What’s the minimum number of units I can order?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 pieces per item or 10 pieces per group (min 3 pieces per item when grouped) for the initial order. A 10% increase will apply if ordering 1-2 pieces per item when grouped. Items are grouped according to the type of garment & whether or not that garment is fully or partly customisable. 

So if you want to order a mix of cycle jerseys and singlets for example, (both fully customisable and belonging to the same group), then you can order 3 singlets and 7 cycle jerseys, to make the 10 pieces MOQ for that group. After the initial bulk order of 10 pieces you can re-order any number of units of same (from your original order) with NO MOQ (minimum order qty) provided there is no change to artwork. T's & C's apply for this and prices will be 10% more expensive for a re-order of literally 1 or 2 pieces per item or group. A re-order of 3 or more pieces per item or group  will be at the same price as the original order unit value. You are able to re-order on an as needed basis for a period of 12 months from the original order date (as determined by Poli). NO changes or amendments to the original artwork will be allowed during this period.

After 12 months has elapsed, the process starts again:- quote, fresh artwork (if required), order etc.

Accessories are a class of their own and cover items like socks, caps, gloves etc. Each type of accessory has it’s own MOQ, so please ask.

If you need further clarification, please contact us.

Can I personalise my gear?

Yes, if you want to personalise your gear with individual names, this can be done on most garments for an additional cost. The names are sublimated and printed during the production process - it's NOT an 'after-market' hot transfer or screen print.

How do I choose artwork?

There are various options:

  1. You can engage your own graphic designer who can email the Vector files to us for submission of the artwork onto Poli’s clothing templates. This option will incur additional design fees subject to your graphic designers fees and charges.
  2. You can choose an existing design from Poli’s extensive pre-designed range. When selecting this option, you can change colours and add logos, but the actual design or artwork cannot be amended. There is no additional charge for this.
  3. Hardcore Brands Australia works with a freelance designer who creates beautiful work at reasonable rates. This option will incur additional design fees subject to our designers current rates and charges.

How do I select the correct size?

If you are not confident with selecting sizing from a size chart, we offer the service of sending our customers a full size range of the actual product, upon request. Terms and conditions apply. Freight to designated address will be at Customer's cost, however we will send a Return Manifest with the parcel, whereby the Customer will send the items back to us at no cost to the Customer.

Can I see samples of product?

You sure can! If you wish to touch and feel the products first, we offer an obligation free service whereby we will send samples (provided we have them in stock at the time) at our cost for the Customer to look at. Customer to pay a refundable deposit, which will be refunded in full once the items are returned in original condition. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more info.

What is the lead time for production?

Generally the production lead time is 3 - 8 weeks plus freight. During busy periods, the production process can be longer, but once the order is submitted for production we will be able to give you the estimated date of departure from Marsielle, France. Customers need to make us aware upfront if the gear you are ordering is required for a deadline date such as an event. We can then plan around the event so that the goods are delivered on time. If we are not confident that the order can be manufactured in time for an event or deadline date, we will notify you upfront and we reserve the right to refuse the order. 

How is my order shipped?

Once the gear arrives in country, it is checked by QC and despatched via eParcel Australia Post to your selected address. Freight / postage will be invoiced separately once the order has been packed and weighed. Full payment for freight will be required before the items are dispatched.

After the initial order, can I order more, even if I need only one?

You sure can! And this is where we are very competitive, as none of our competitors can offer this (to the best of our knowledge). If after the initial order you need 1, 2, or 7 pieces, you can re-order any qty (of items from your original order) provided there is NO CHANGE to the artwork. You will pay 10% more for a re-order of 1 or 2 pieces per item or group. A re-order for 3+ pieces per item or group will be at the same price as the original order unit value. T's & C's apply.

How do I pay or what are the payment terms?

Payments for custom orders are upfront i.e. 50% deposit to launch the order and the full balance is payable upon notification of shipment. Goods will not be shipped until full and final payment has been made. Payments can be made via PayPal or EFT. PayPal payments for custom orders will incur a surcharge. Details of the transaction fees will be provided on the quote as these rates will be passed on at the prevailing rate at the time.

Proposal Validity- We will attempt to match or better any competitors comparable products price.
Quotes are valid for 14 days however prices are subject to change without notice based on exchange rate variations and or updated price lists from our supplier.

Returns and Exchanges on Custom-made gear

In the unlikely event that you receive your new, unused Poli gear and it is damaged or faulty "out the bag" (e.g. garment is torn, stitching has unravelled, artwork is not as you approved) you need to let us know as soon as is practical, via email ( You may also attach good quality photos if you so wish.

You will then be given further instructions on the procedure to return the garment(s) to us. Please DO NOT attempt to mend or alter the garment(s) yourself unless we have give you permission to do so, as any items mended, altered or repaired without the prior consent from Hardcore Brands will not be accepted. In this case, there will be no refunds or exchanges given and your garments(s) will be void of warranty.

Poli YKK zippers are covered by a 12 month warranty. If you have purchased any Poli custom-made garment and it has a YKK zipper that breaks or becomes faulty within 12 months, please send an email to Luan - - and we will provide further instructions.

Hardcore Brands will not be held responsible for the manner in which your garment(s) are cared for. Once you wear and wash your garment, no refunds, credits or exchanges will be given for wear and tear on your custom-made Poli gear under any circumstances. The exception to this, is the YKK zipper which has a 12 month warranty as mentioned above.

How do I care for my Poli custom-made garments?

Always follow the washing instructions on your Poli garment label. The label is usually located on the inside of the garment and contains icons as a short description of do's and dont's.

Poli uses high quality and in some cases quite technical fabrics on some areas of their garments. Technical fabrics (example Teflon fabrics) are thin by nature and generally have a shorter 'longevity' as a result. If cared for correctly, your garments should last for a reasonable period of time.

Hardcore Brands can only advise that you follow correct washing instructions, we cannot enforce it. Everyone has a different interpretation on how to wash or care for garments i.e. some are fussier than others!

As a general rule, garments containing predominantly any of the following:- lycra, teflon, polyester, elastane, polyamide, mesh or membrane should never be tumble dried, dry cleaned or hung in direct sunlight to dry. Never add fabric softeners to these type of fabrics either, as fabric softeners will assist in deteriorating the fabric at a quicker rate. Cooler washing temperatures are also recommended (30 degrees celsius max).

Obviously athletes and weekend warriors alike (example triathletes or swimmers) who wear swim wear or triathlon suits for training or racing will have to do so in chlorine environments and this cannot be avoided. Chlorine is known to deteriorate these type of fabrics over time (if you regularly immerse your garments), so the only suggestion Hardcore Brands can make, is to make sure you rinse your garment thoroughly in plain water as soon as is practical after your session and wash it as soon as possible when you return home.

Another product that can soil fabrics and deteriorate our loved active gear is sunscreen / zinc creams. We all have to wear sunscreen during those harsh daylight hours no matter what sport we participate in, so once again the best advice is to wash your gear correctly as soon as is practical!

Try to avoid sitting on or rubbing against rough surfaces where possible, as this can scuff the fabric and the stitching of the garment. Also pay attention to certain items that compliment your training or racing like waist belts, back packs, rough bicycle seats and velcro. These items may look and feel soft, but friction and rubbing is imminent with repetition! Avoid using pins to attach your race number to your clothing.

Summary of DO's and DONT's:

  • Wash your Poli gear as per the label instructions. If you ever need to cut the label out, keep it aside for future reference if need be.
  • Remove all debris and loose material from your garments (example sand).
  • Make sure all pockets are emptied before washing.
  • Remove items with velcro and wash these separately by hand, as velcro can cause a lot of damage to sports wear if it attaches itself!
  • Use cool water (max 30 degrees celsius). In tropical climates where the water temperature is naturally warm, you need only select the cold wash option.
  • Never add fabric softeners when washing your sports wear. Fabric softeners will deteriorate the fibres, weaken the fabric & therefore reduce the longevity of your garment.
  • Wash with mild detergent (example washing powder / liquid suitable for woollens or delicate fabrics works well on active wear).
  • Wash as soon as is practical after your session (training or racing).
  • Once washed, hang your garments out to dry out of direct sunlight, as these type of garments generally dry quite quickly due to the nature of the fabrics.
  • Using a wash bag is optional / personal preference.
  • Never tumble dry your Poli gear. If you are in a situation where you absolutely have to have dry gear for the next day because your are participating in an event (example charity ride over a few days), then to tumble dry your garment on the coolest setting is not going to ruin it, but this should become the exception rather than the rule!

Hardcore Brands reserves the right to change or update the information contained herein as often as is required.

Last updated November 2017.


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