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Need Triathlon Coaching?

Brendan Cochrane is a Triathlon Australia Accredited Performance Coach 2018 - 2019.
Contact Brendan for totally personalised weekly coaching plans or for one-on-one private sessions. All experience levels welcome, from beginner to pro.
Don't want a coach but still want a DIY training plan? No problem, we are working on that and DIY plans will become available for purchase soon!



During his rehabilitation after an unfortunate accident in 2009 when Brendan was told that he would never be able to apply full pressure to a lower limb, Brendan was introduced to the world of Swim, Bike, Run - Triathlon. He has competed in international and national events since.

  • Represented Australia in 2011 at Beijing World Championships
  • Age Group Champion for North Qld Series in 2012
  • Completed multiple IRONMAN and 70.3 events
  • Represented Australia in 2018 at Gold Coast World Championships

Currently Brendan competes as both an athlete plus he offers coaching services for any level of athlete from newbie to pro. He has experience in all distances and can offer support and plans that cater to this. Brendan does however like to draw from his OD and IM experiences.

If you are interested in multi-sport or single discipline coaching, please submit an enquiry via the form below & you will receive a response within 48 hours.


Testimonials from our athletes:


"Training with Brendan was life changing. I was no athlete and I went from an overweight 40 year old to a fit 40 year old who completed 2 x 70.3 Ironman events and a half marathon, in one year.

Brendan got me to the start line injury free and the countless times when I said I couldn’t do it, he proved me wrong and brought the absolute best out of me. I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone, from an experienced athlete or a girl like me who just wanted to have a go and achieve something I never dreamed of being possible."

 - Chrissy


 "As a person with sensory and physical difficulties I had a lot of self-doubt and lacked confidence while still managing my mental health triggers. About three years ago I met with Brendan from Hardcore Brands to help me integrate with society (be accepted) and to attempt new challenges.

I have tried fitting in to numerous clubs / groups with little success for various reasons but Brendan accepted my difficulties and encouraged me with my goals while valuing me. Showing empathy while trying to swim and ride with my disabilities – social rides and training sessions were adapted to my needs – while not making me feel less of a person but encouraging me to succeed. For example, when your eye sight deteriorates to the point that you cannot see further than 1m in front of you, and your coach encourages you to keep swimming by tapping your foot on every stroke or swimming right on your side, that is empowerment while helping one to achieve. I can also recall cycling in a group of three, when the sun reduced my sight causing me great concern and making me anxious; but Steve and Brendan got me cycling between them and while being able to cycle safely.

I have achieved numerous achievements but my greatest to date is the Cairns 140.6 Ironman. While managing full-time work and supporting a loving family of four, I told Brendan my goal (140.6 Ironman) with NO Ironman experience.

Honestly, I was told ‘I’m a dick’ – then with all the laughs to one side – shit got real.  While understanding my family dynamics and commitments Brendan got me on a personalised nutrition and training plan while still understanding I needed balance to reduce relapse and I needed medical management.

During my training I always felt supported. I was pushed passed my comfort zone but I also felt like I was finding myself and it was social; especially when you are given a dog biscuit…"

 - Michael


"Brendan has always been a ‘take me for who I am’ kind of guy.  He seems to be very versatile in how he handles his athletes. Some requiring more ‘maintenance’ than others. He calls it how it is, whilst always having a laugh and being positive and upbeat. He is himself a great athlete always looking to improve on previous racing and coaching results. 

He is across the latest and most modern training methods and technologies, that are both simple and convenient to use. Feedback is frequent and as required.

He is definitely the pick of highly qualified coaches in the North Queensland region. 

I look forward to what the future brings for our successful coach athlete relationship."

 - Matt Ludbrooke

P O Box 7833 Garbutt, Qld 4814 Australia +61 434 350 260

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