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Since early 2011, from our head office in Sunny Townsville, Regional North Queensland, the Hardcore Brands team have been testing, customizing, distributing and delivering sports clothing, accessories and services both Australia wide and internationally into New Zealand .
Our catalogue and customised products have featured on all levels, with our products featuring on the local global stage.
The purpose of Hardcore Brands is to create a house of unique, high quality brands incorporating products and services that cater to the local Australian and New Zealand active community or sports person, group, club, store, team, event, business, family, expeditions etc… Pretty much we mean –You!  We have something for everyone!
Our product offerings range from our off-the-shelf fresh seasonal collection of catalogue products through to our unmatched MASSIVE custom made collection that allows our customers to customise or personalise any of the products from our custom range.
Alongside our physical products and accessories, Hardcore Brands offers coaching and training sessions where YOU can challenge YOURSELF!


ITU World Championships Beijing 2011

Townsville, Qld

P O Box 7833 Garbutt, Qld 4814 Australia +61 434 350 260

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