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XPD and an exciting day in the office!

The XPD Race is world renowed and one of the toughest adventure races out. Today this 750KM race took off from Townsville. We watched over 200 athletes jump off the beach at the strand and into Kayaks, heading straight for Magnetic Island. We are extremely excited (and pretty darn proud) to be associated with the hot favourites Team Raidlight. These guys (and gal) hail from France and are sponsored by Raidlight, a brand we have always been glad to work with. Team Raidlight are an amazing team, great company and some of the most focus, committed athletes we have ever..  - Read More

Between ATEC and Adventurethon we have been busy, busy and it's not about to end anytime soon!

Our trip to Sydney was amazing! We met so many great people, suppliers and athletes. We even got one of our Poli Jerseys signed by 17 time Tour De France competitor Stuart O'Grady. It was a massive weekend and the weather was more than a little chilly but it was well worth it     Adventurethon Photo Competition!  Because we were at ATEC we didn't to join in the fun at Adventurethon this time around but thanks to Joel and the team we got some great pics of you guys with our Raidlight sign.  Thank you so much to everyone who..  - Read More

To Brick Or Not To Brick… 

In triathlon, there’s no choice: You have to run (or at least walk) after riding your bike to reach the finish line. No run, no finisher’s medal and no Towel. In training, you have a choice. Everyone agrees that triathletes need to run after some bike rides by way of preparing to do the same in races. But there’s also a consensus that it’s not necessary to run after every ride. So what’s the sweet spot? How regularly should you follow a ride with an immediate run? It all depends. Some factors to consider in planning this aspect of your training..  - Read More

Coach Brendan shares some Nutrition tips for Triathletes

Let me start by making it clear that the subject nutrition is minefield.Please take or leave my advice as you see fit.Here are some general tips that I would advise you consider when it comes to nutrition for a triathlete. Newbie or Seasoned Triathlete?These body fueling tips will help ensure your hard work in training pays off. A sound nutrition strategy will help your body make the most out of all your hours swim, bike and running. Remember you can’t expect to run a jet on low or poor quality fuel or just what you have in the fridge or pantry…?  You need to think..  - Read More

Ultra 168 Supporters Club Update and Product Review: RaidLight Extreme Men's Jacket

We have recently teamed up with Ultra168, a leading online resource for ultra marathon and trail running. We are offering a special discount on all RaidLight and RaidLight Vertical products to their supporter club members. Ultra168 says they're born on the trails. We love their name, which is based on their ethos - no excuses in life, just choices. The team at Ultra168 talk about the fact that there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and that makes 168 hours to do the stuff you enjoy doing. There's always time to run, you decide when and how much...  - Read More

The Yeppoon Triathlon Festival

Yeppon Triathlon Festival is hosting its inaugural event this August. The event is focused is on fast and friendly racing and VIP treatment for the competitors, supporters & community. Held on the Capricorn Coast in sunny Central Queensland, the event offers vibrant and entertaining racing and spectator atmosphere for all. It looks set to be a premium event and competitors receive Double Points towards your National Series point scores. The organisers are working hard to ensure it will be a weekend full of great opportunities for competitors, families and the community to celebrate all things sport and everything that the Capricorn..  - Read More

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