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Post Event Recovery Strategies For Triathletes or Runners

By accredited Triathlon Australia coach Brendan Cochrane Often after a race — whether I am racing myself or just spectating — I like to take a look at the post-race recovery methods used by different athletes. If I am 100% truthful, more often than not the only method I really see is the line-up to the massage tables. The sad reality of the matter is that your next race preparation starts the second that you cross the finish line. Basically: POST EVENT RECOVERY IS WHERE IT STARTS. How should I recover post race? Warm downDo this as soon after the..  - Read More

The Natural Nutritionist to deliver free one-hour seminars

Here’s a unique opportunity to find out how you can improve your athletic performance in 2016. The Natural Nutritionist Steph Lowe is coming to ‪Townsville on Saturday, December 19 to deliver FREE one-hour seminars. You’ll learn things like: How to eat like an athlete for optimal performance and recovery; What it means to become ‘bonk proof’ and why you need to develop metabolic efficiency; How to extend your athletic longevity; The benefits of VO2 max testing and how to develop an intelligent fuelling strategy; How to avoid sports gels — yes, it is possible! These sessions are suitable for everyone from beginners..  - Read More

How MET helps you lose weight or improve athletic performance

Whether you’re an athlete looking for an endurance or performance edge, or someone who has spent years unsuccessfully trying to shift stubborn kilos; Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET) is a simple and effective process that uses science to help you reach your goals. The MET explained Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET) includes Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and/or VO2 max and submaximal exercise testing. Simply put, RMR helps to determine how many calories you burn at rest (i.e. how many calories your body needs just to stay alive), while VO2 max reveals how many calories you burn at different exercise intensities/heart rates, and..  - Read More

AMO Sunglasses Review: Taryn Gaudin

This product review is by Taryn Gaudin. Taryn is a triathlete based in Townsville, North Queensland. After discovering the sport as an adult, she has been racing solidly for a year and recently represented Australia while competing in the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Chicago. She works as a physio and is a mum to one. I was recently given the opportunity to test out one of the latest products from Hardcore Brands — a range of sunglasses by Advanced Multisport Optics (AMO). Over the past two weeks I have been using them cycling, trail running, and — to..  - Read More

Ultra168 Product Review: Raidlight Dual Finger Running Shoe

Ultra168 — a leading online resource for ultra marathon and trail running— has posted a review of our respected and revolutionary Raidlight Dual Finger Running Shoe. We were fortunate that the review was done by trail, mountain and ultra marathon runner Caine Warburton; who you could say has run a few tracks in his time (including the Sky Running World Championships in Chamonix; Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon in South Australia; Noumea International Marathon in New Caledonia and Ice Trail Tarentaise — a 65km/5000m+ Sky race in France; among many others). Key Raidlight Dual Finger Running Shoe stats Weight: 270g (pair)Drop: 3mmGrip:..  - Read More

Join TEAM RAIDLIGHT for the 100KM Surf Coast Century this September

 Imagine running at the foot of some of Australia's tallest coastal cliffs, while the low tide of the Southern Ocean laps the sand at your feet. Ahead lies a magical 100km trail run journey along Victoria's wild surf coast and wildflower hinterland. Come and be a part of this with Team Raidlight.   We have have teamed up with Rapid Ascent to offer THREE people the amazing opportunity to join us in Team Raidlight for the Surf Coast Century. You will race one of four 25km legs as a member of our team, along with Coach Brendan. We will cover your entry fee..  - Read More

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