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How do we get through Christmas as a triathlete?

Well, let me first say this, in Australia most of you will be in some kind of preparation phase; as the sun gets up a little earlier and the temperatures get a little warmer our racing calendar heats up quite quickly into the new year.    

Negotiating Christmas as a triathlete can be tough with end of year functions and all the indulgences that accompany this festive time of year.

So let me give you a 3-step map to guide you through the journey the Festive Season.

  • The number 1 key is Consistency

You don’t need to be smashing out hours and hours on end, just keep moving with a swim, ride and run session here and there where it fits in. Just keep moving!

  • Balance

Every “body” needs some down time, do don’t be the Grinch “The grumpy, anti-holiday spirit of the character has led to the term "Grinch". Now is the time for balance between family, rest, training and diet. Let your hair down have some Christmas cake - It won't make you put on 2kgs. Give some time back to your friends and family for all the times they have supported you and your crazy training schedule, diets and “triathlon race holidays”.

  • Moderation

As the old saying goes, 'everything in moderation', go out & enjoy, indulge, sleep in, train. A little bit of everything and not a lot of any one thing.

Coaches tip:

If you can, try and do something everyday - or almost everyday. Even if you can only manage your key session. Know what your key sessions are. If you don’t know discuss this with your current coach and find out what session you need to try and fit in 'as key'.

If all you have is 35 or 45 mins, speak to your coach so that they can plan your session accordingly and give you the best bang for the training time.

Remember: Christmas only comes once a year. It's family time. Enjoy, have fun...just not to much!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and may 2018 be all that you wish for.


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