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The Natural Nutritionist to deliver free one-hour seminars

Here’s a unique opportunity to find out how you can improve your athletic performance in 2016.

The Natural Nutritionist Steph Lowe is coming to Townsville on Saturday, December 19 to deliver FREE one-hour seminars.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to eat like an athlete for optimal performance and recovery;
  • What it means to become ‘bonk proof’ and why you need to develop metabolic efficiency;
  • How to extend your athletic longevity;
  • The benefits of VO2 max testing and how to develop an intelligent fuelling strategy;
  • How to avoid sports gels — yes, it is possible!

These sessions are suitable for everyone from beginners to elite athletes; those with a body compositional goal; and anyone with an interest in nutrition.

There are two options: Session 1 — 10.30am or Session 2 — 4pm. They are both at Mercure Townsville (166 Woolcock St).



P O Box 7833 Garbutt, Qld 4814 Australia +61 434 350 260

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