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XPD and an exciting day in the office!

The XPD Race is world renowed and one of the toughest adventure races out.

Today this 750KM race took off from Townsville. We watched over 200 athletes jump off the beach at the strand and into Kayaks, heading straight for Magnetic Island. We are extremely excited (and pretty darn proud) to be associated with the hot favourites Team Raidlight.

These guys (and gal) hail from France and are sponsored by Raidlight, a brand we have always been glad to work with. Team Raidlight are an amazing team, great company and some of the most focus, committed athletes we have ever seen. We have been lucky enough to offer them accommodation here at Hardcore HQ and therefore witness a lot of their preparations for the race.

WOW! It's been an incredible experience and we are all inspired by their mental and physical strength and persistence. We will tell you all about their race experience when they get back (hopefully in 4 or 5 days) but in the mean check out some of their experience with the media while they have been here.

Chatting With Minty of 4TOFM



Article in Townsville Bulletin

Toughest endurance, adventure race in the world comes to Townsville.

ONE of the toughest endurance and adventure races in the world starts in Townsville today, pitting teams against the elements in an excruciating race of about 700km.

The International XPD Expedition Race has seen more than 200 entrants from all over the world, descend on Townsville.

The course, designed to push athletes to their limits, will take most teams about six days to complete as they kayak, run, mountain bike and rope their way around North Queensland.

France’s Team Raidlight are hot favourites, with captain Nicolas Moreau expecting a tough test. “It seems like a very difficult course ... we are conditioned to the race, we are not afraid of the snakes or crocodiles, we see a lot of this stuff all over the world.”

Raidlight director Brendan Cochrane said the course included some of the toughest terrain in the North

“They will be mountain biking, running and paddling a kayak for pretty much the whole time,” he said.

“They’ll go through the back of Richmond, the Paluma Range, and come back to Townsville.

“They need to be well rounded athletes, there is some technical stuff and then pure and simple racing ... but the course is looking very, very difficult,” Mr Cochrane said.


This morning Brendan and Luan have headed off to try and see the team land at Saunders Beach and Brendan also plans to meet them at MidCamp (provided they aren't there at 3am one morning). We are egerly awaiting their return so we can find out all about their adventure and we have our fingers firmly crossed that these guys cross the finish line first!



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